Die Polishing Machine

Models 80 – 90

Die polishing

Die Polishing Machine


No vibration and silent chuck with vices self-balance, self-branking motor.


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Die Profiler 2000


Die profiler

Ultra high speed spindle with diamond tool allows very fast grinding of working angle and bearing


The ultimate technology in die manufacturing.

  • high efficiency
  • high precision
  • high productivity
  • high flexibility

This machine has been developed for high efficiency manufacturing new dies and reconditioning used dies.

The grinding operation is very fast as it is obtained by means of a special diamond tool rotating at very high speed.

This machine can repair the bell radius, the bearing, the entrance angle, the approach angle and the back relief of a die in a short time and very precisely.

Equipped with dust collection unit.

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Drawnplates grinding machine

DP 80

Die reconditioning

The ideal machine for the reconditioning of small sizes dies.

The 6 plates allow very high productivity and efficiency.


Continuously adjustable RPM.

Height of drawn plates:singly adjustable.

Silent movement by means of a single motor

No lubrication required

Recovery plate of boron carbide

Range of diameter: 0.20-10.00 mm


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Needle Grinding Machine

NG 80

To repair needles

Needle Grinding Machine

This machine is required to repair needles for the drawn plates grinding machine.

Provided with graduated scale for angles with hardened and ground guides.


High sensibility carriage mounted on ball bushings.


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