For alkaline degreasing solution

degreasing agent, liquid alkaline based solutions

Special liquid product for the preparation of alkaline degreasing solution in-line to the annealing furnace, before phosphate coating

Surface preparation:

  1. wire from drawing operation


For staple wire

solvent based lubricant

For removal of the residual lubricant after wet drawing for staple wire.

Surface preparation:

  1. acid pickling and lime or pre-coating (PANCOVER)
  2. mechanical descaling
  3. mechanical descaling and brushing
  4. abrasive belt descaling
  5. in-line shot blasting (Deblasting process)

The final cleaning is generally obtained by a degreasing solution in the last die box using a single or double rotating die. (See our Rotating Die Box LPL 43/2)


For U.T.S. or electrolytic systems

liquid acid based solution

Special liquid product for the preparation of acid degreasing solution suitable fot U.T.S. or electrolytic systems for annealed wires before phosphating coating.

Surface preparation:
1. Wire from drawing operation.


Suitable for dipping and sprying

liquid alkaline based solutions

Suitable for the preparation of degreasing and pre-phosphate coating before final coating and painting operation. Suitable for dipping and spraying operation.